For over 20 years in the Music Industry and 15 as Deejay.
I started with the setting up and testing of audio and lights equipment for concerts and theater events and soon after I started to perform as a DJ in various evenings, Parties in Piazza, Birthdays, Clubs, Pubs and Private Events.

Many events executed during my long Sicilian career, one among many, being for about a year Resident DJ and Vocalist at the Astyanax Pub Ortigia, Syracuse, where you create a magical and overwhelming atmosphere, a mixture of Discotheque, Radio and Cabaret, becoming a fixture of the weekend!

…Then I entered the World of Animation.

In various villages International where I worked (Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Sharm El Sheik) I took care of Musical Daily Programming , Organization and Implementation of Theme Nights, conducting Karaoke, Discoteque, Cabaret, and Shows Direction, acquiring a considerable experience.

After finishing my career “Animator” and I moved to Florence I continued profession of Deejay perform numerous evenings and various events, finding a particular predisposition for Weddings.

I put in my DJ-Set any kind of music, I have no limitations, I love all music.
I love seeing people dance and have fun, this makes me feel good and encourages me to continue and to always do my best.

In my performances, I always try, as well as entertain and to unleash who is beyond the console with the music, also with the microphone, I believe it is essential to interact not only with music but also with the voice, thus creating a beautiful synergy and atmosphere.

I perform in any Musical Event, both for Italian and International Guest, I have Complete and Professional Equipment, Sound Equipment, Lights and Effects, and are available in all of Tuscany and Nearby Areas.

  • We chose Gaetano for our special day and is able to make one of the hardest things in the world, to entertain people of all ages and cultures. All our guests were thrilled. Since the first contact has guided and advised on the best choices to be taken both at the musical, technical and bureaucratic. Always very helpful and respond quickly to any questions we had. For our special day we have been the best choice you could make. Thanks a lot to Gaetano and his beautiful wife Juliet!
  • Gaetano was the DJ of our marriage, and my feedback is very positive. First, he and Giulia are two people with an education and a rare kindness, it was a real pleasure to communicate with them during the organization and even more to meet them in person. Another fundamental aspect is the competence of Gaetano in all organizational and bureaucratic, with the arrangement all in accordance with the regulations as not to see the most beautiful day spoiled by a fine, and he is counting on his help we had the security to be in place, and this expertise is rarely encountered. Well, as they say, if you think that rely to a professional is expensive, you’ll see how much it costs to entrust to an amateur … But let’s get to the music: Gaetano has a huge library to choose the music for the various phases. We have chosen for subtraction, removing the musical genres that we prefer and avoid leaving him the choice in genres chosen for each stage of the day. The result was excellent, during lunch I found myself often thinking “siii this song we were waiting!” Another key aspect is that Gaetano knows how to energize the day without forcing the situation. In short, we saw them all DJs who want to put the loud music and guests can even talk over lunch … But he not only knows how to choose the right music as well as propose, as an accompaniment during lunch, as a time of celebration during the cutting of the cake, as pure energy during the dances. And besides that knows when to intervene with the voice to emphasize important moments without excess, which is rare! Excellent idea of ??the microphone for the newlyweds, unfortunately we forgot to use it … Finally, a positive note also for the instrument, of excellent quality so that there were problems of operation and the sound was always clear and undistorted, and h are an audiophile also the wedding day! In conclusion, I am very satisfied of the work of Gaetano and Giulia, and I recommend them without reservation!
  • Gaetano was the best DJs who have been able to choose! He followed with great dedication from the beginning up to our big day! Great, professional, passionate about his work. Has been able to mix the Brazilian songs with the Albanian as well as possible doing amuse all of our guests! We had no doubts from the beginning of his professionalism! Very dedicated and helpful! Giulia, his wife and collaborator was very good! Two people very kind and sweet that besides their professionalism put their heart into their work! Recommendation, with your eyes closed!
  • We contacted Gaetano week before the wedding at the last minute because we were thinking about the music too late… We were fortunate that he was available on the date request !!! From the first phone call proved friendly and condescending in all our requests on reassuring us all! Then he asked for a meeting to be able to understand what were our desires and do everything possible to fulfill them … Even then demonstrated professionalism, precision and passion for his work! Came the big day, despite not having had time to decide together the music, magically he managed to create the right atmosphere at any time of the night. Gaetano is not only a DJ but it proved friendly, attentive to everything and caring towards us. He completed a great day, making it unique and spectacular. Thanks Gaetano !! You are really special !!! David and Fulvia
  • Our super DJ Gaetano recommended and we can only thank him, with his professionalism has given us wonderful moments, he was able to understand immediately what we wanted and to understand our musical tastes. Precise and full of passion does its work so excellent and very competitive, if we were to celebrate birthdays or other events do not hesitate to contact him. Thank you very much your enthusiasm rewards you keep it up!.
  • The work of Gaetano before and during our wedding was flawless. It has a special attention to all the needs of the event and the client until the last detail. The yield was exceptional … aperitif and dinner proper elegance. After cutting the cake all on in dance-floor until the end!
  • A real Professional! Our guests had a great time, succeeded with his music to involve everyone, young and old, It met all our requirements and worked throughout the marriage impeccably! Gaetano is really a wonderful person, in addition to the professional side there is a very special boy, polite, helpful and above all always ready to help in any situation and request! We highly recommend it to all who want to make their wedding an unforgettable day. Thanks Gaetano.
  • Gaetano was recommended by a friend and we are very satisfied. In addition to being a good DJ he is kind, professional, attentive to detail. Our party was beautiful thanks to him.
  • More than our DJ to Marriage, we considered a friend since the first meeting. It’s amazing how I can figure out what you want from your wedding and make it as beautiful as possible. We gave special requests, which in a few days already fulfilled. The day of our wedding guests were all on the dencefloor, old and young, all dancing wild! Thanks for being there Gaetano neighbors in recent months and for making great our party!
  • Great guy as well as highly professional DJ. It has always been present, satisfying our every request and animated, with his sweet wife, our marriage involving all the guests. The evening was a success!
  • Gaetano was the DJ for our Italo-Dutch wedding the 12-6. From the first contact we had we were impressed not only by the professionalism, but also the passion and enthusiasm who Gaetano puts in his work: the whole evening was carefully studied and the results were outstanding! All guests were absolutely thrilled by the performance. Gaetano absolutely recommend is a security in the success of the event!
  • Professionalism, reliability, maximum availability. In one word Gaetano Sicari Deejay! He followed us step by step with patience and enthusiasm fully respecting our wishes. Along with Giulia we made our special day truly unique!
  • Gaetano is a real Professional! And ‘able to interpret and satisfy our musical tastes and our preferences, We remain open to our requests but advised us on the time and entering the right songs, unleashing emotions that everyone then on track after the cake, it looked like a real disco! Every song was perfect, as if we had chosen all of us. Extremely available before and during the event, he came to meet all our requirements and we’ve always been close to all aspect! We would really recommend to all, great!
  • Wonderful wedding, great Dj, unique. He has been able to advise me well, great value for money Full of talent and desire to do, I recommend it and would recommend it 100% to all future spouses