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Since 25 years in Music Industry, over 20 as Dj.
I started many years ago, as a young boy, with the setting up and testing of sound and lighting systems, working with various Services Company for the most varied events, medium / large, such as concerts, theatrical events, dancing evenings etc.. from there I realized that music is something precious, special, it makes you feel good, it makes you have fun and we are surrounded by it every day, whether it be noises, melodies or songs, everything is music and without it everything seems to be turned off, helpless, empty, and I understood that I could not do without it.

So I decided to want to learn and study how I could have fun and at the same time make happiness and fun the others using this medium, this precious gift, music, I understood that there was a way, and it was to learn to listen deeply to every single song, understanding it, selecting it, playing it and mix it together with others, creating musical paths that could transmit to those who listen to them beautiful and healthy positive vibrations, joy, fun and a great desire to dance, so all that I could maked was learn how to do the Deejay.

Gradually my dream begins to take shape.
The first investments in equipment, my first real Professional Deejay Console, my first Sound and Lighting System and my first evenings in the various Pubs, Private Events, Birthdays and Discoteques in the area, I could not be happy for what was happening, my dream was becoming reality, something unexpected & unexpectedly beautiful & above all real, by there never stopped.

Many efforts, in terms of time & equipment, to try to evolve & improve more & more over the years.
I believe that perfection does not exist or rather it is impossible to reach it, but you can only try to get as close to it as possible, but never, never stop, never say ok I arrived here I reached the peak, the maximum, the summit, I is fine in this way, no, you must always look for new stimuli, new challenges, new ideas, new projects and above all try to increase your human and cultural and material baggage more and more by investing in professional equipment, absolutely quality and refined and always at garde.

Lots of events performed during my long career, working around Italy and beyond, for any type of Private Event, Disco and Pub evenings best known and most prestigious, giving me the opportunity for continuous growth and to find myself working for always different situations and customers..

One of the many experiences that will remain forever etched in my memory is having been for about a year and a half Resident Deejay and Vocalisist in a very famous Pub in Ortigia (Syracuse) where a magical and overwhelming atmosphere is created, a mix between Discoteque , Radio and Cabaret, a place that becomes a point of reference and a fixed appointment for young people in the area and beyond, where during the Week End the venue was really full with always a long queue at the entrance at any time of the evening / night.

There was also an interesting e beautiful period in my life / musical career, that of Producer, where I ventured into the Production of My Dance Songs, in the spontaneous Remix of existing songs or songs commissioned by the various customers and in the realization of Mash-Up, using almost all the various Music Software in circulation, such as Ableton, Reason, Sony Acid Pro, Fl Studio etc., that allowed me to expand my musical and technical knowledge also in this very fascinating and interesting part of the musical world.

Had now done everything and any type of event, in any possible musical context, so I decided to abandon everything and leave for Egypt and  accept a new and fascinating challenge, entering in the International Animation.

In the various International Villages and Resorts where I worked (Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Sharm El Sheik) I was in charge of the Daily Musical Programming, the Organization and Realization of Theme Evenings, conducting Karaoke Evenings, Disco, Cabaret, and Shows Direction.
It was a truly apt and happy choice that allowed me to relate to many different cultures & nationalities & to increase my musical knowledge exponentially, acquiring considerable professional and human experience.

Once my experience in the Internation Animation World ended I moved to Florence where I continued my profession of Deejay doing numerous evenings & various events of any kind and throughout Tuscany and in surrounding areas, finding a particular predisposition for Weddings.

In my Dj-Sets i play any musical genre, i have no limitations, i love all music, in its thousand nuances and contaminations and what I don’t know yet or little can only increase and enrich my professional background.

Love to see people dancing and having fun, this makes me feel good and encourages me to continue and always do my best.

In my performances and events I always try, in addition to entertaining and unleashing those who are beyond the console with the music, to also involve with the microphone,  always in a discreet and elegant and never intrusive way. I believe that a Deejay can be considered complete when it is not limited to just mixing the songs, but I believe it is essential to interact not only with music but also with the voice, thus creating a beautiful synergy and party atmosphere.

I perform, without distinction, in any type of Musical Event, both for Italians and for International People,  and i have Complete and Professional Equipments, Many Dj Consoles, Audio Systems, Lights and Effects, Wireless Microphones and much more, and I am available throughout Tuscany and neighboring areas.


Custom Quotes

services designed and created according to the needs & requests of each “single & unique” event

Event Study & Direction

every detail both logistical and musical will be analyzed, studied and directed down to the smallest detail

Up to 4 Music Stations

to musically cover any event without any problem, even the most complex and demanding ones

Light Effects, Laser, Fog

studied & researched lights setup for the Dj-Set, a great club atmosphere, always maintaining class & elegance

Architectural Lighting

for indoor and outdoor, your location will be magical, a fairytale & surprising atmosphere, guaranteed wow effect

Monograms, Initials, Written Projections

another great and elegant way to make your event truly personal and original

Video Projections

complete service with projector, towel, pc and sound system. For your photos and videos or of your guests


for a great real fun and engaging moment, where everyone can experience their singing skills

Cold Spark Fountains

a special effect of great impact to personalize a cake cut, an entrance, a first dance, and many others moment

What say about me..

Some reviews received. The greatest joy is knowing that your customers have been satisfied with your work!

A 6 star Dj!
Gaetano! Future Spouses remember this name if you are looking for a Dj that knows how to animate your event, with him you can rest assured! Starting from the lighting system up to the music stations! Our experience with him was nothing short of fantastic! He is a Professional, always available & with little him creating a unique atmosphere! Not to mention that is a very kind person, so much so that we have a close friendship that it is impossible not to get along with him. He Made our Wedding Spectacular! It has entertained all our guests including all ages! Grandparents, uncles, nephews, friends, etc & also with its lighting system it has been able to enhance many details of the location making everything even more spectacular. I advise you to contact him, you will not regret it!
Thanks so much! Keep it up!

From Raissa Calieri
Location: Tenuta Corbinaia
Wedding: Italian

Best Dj, Best Party, Best Dance Floor
Gaetano was the best! All our guests loved him and he is so talented! He did an amazing job with music, lighting, pictures and video for our Korean Persian American Wedding! He went above and beyond! He took all of our song requests and played them so perfectly.
He is so Professional and our wedding was the best night ever because of him! Truly, thank you so much Gaetano for providing such a wonderful evening to us and our guests who traveled all over the world to celebrate with us.
We would do it all over again and have Gaetano as our Dj!

From CJ Oveisi
Location: Castello Di Vincigliata
Wedding: Korean / Persian / American

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