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Firenze Dj Matrimonio Musica Lighitng
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Matrimonio Dj Toscana Musica Lighitng
Florence Wedding Music and Lighting
Tuscany Wedding Music and Lighting
Dj Wedding Music & Lighting Florence
Wedding Music & Lighting Tuscany

Dj Weddings Dj Matrimonio Music

Italia Weddings Dj Firenze Music Lighitng
Wedding Florence Dj Lighitng Tuscany
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Illuminazione Matrimoni Dj Toscana Firenze
Musica Matrimonio Dj Italia
Wedding Dj Music and Lights Florence
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Wedding Music and Lights Tuscany

Dj Matrimonio Wedding Dj

Wedding Dj Florenze Music Lighting
Dj Wedding Tuscany Music Lighting
Wedding Music and Lights Florence
Italy Wedding Dj Music Lighting.
Florence Wedding Dj Music Lighting
Tuscany Wedding Dj Music Lighting
Tuscany Wedding Music and Lights
Lighting Italy Wedding Dj Music.
Best Wedding Dj Florenze Music Lighting
Top Best Wedding Dj Tuscany Music

Dj Matrimoni  Weddings Dj


Logistic, Music, Dj-Set,
Audio and Lighting

Since 25 years work in Music Industry, Over 20 as Dj.
Organization and Care of the Events in Every Detail.

Every Event, whatever it is, will be studied and organized in every detail and every aspect and nuance will be taken care of, nothing will be left to chance

I can Musically Cover Up to 4 areas.
If Your Event is spread over more and different distant areas of the location there are no problems!

The maximum success of my Events is the Objective
to reach and overcome!
Your Happiness the best reward

Weddings, Private Parties, Events

Logistic & Music Study

Light Effects, Laser, Fog

Up to 4 Music Stations

Architectural Lighting

Monograms, Initials, Written

Ceremony and Event Direction

Cold Spark Fountains


For a free quote, I will ask you to provide me all details of your event to study the best solution to your needs & create Your Unique & Custom Event.


Watch Photo, Video and Listen the Demo.
Start to imagine how will be Your Event!

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