Cold Spark Fountains

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The Scenography in an Event is Another Very Important Aspect that can do
the difference, or in any case give a Special and Memorable Touch.

If you Want to Surprise with a Particular and High-Impact Effect
the Cold Spark Fountains are a Valid Solution.

Also called Sparkular Machine, they are similar to spectacular pyrotechnic fountains, the only difference is that they don’t burn, don’t smell, do not produce smoke and don’t heat.
Do not use any pyrotechnic/explosive or flammable system,
and therefore, being a non-pyrotechnic product, it is possible to use it in any environment,
both indoors and outdoors, even close to vegetation and without risks to things and people.

The Jet Height Ranges from ~2m up to 5m.

A Wonderful Scenography to create For Personalize
a Cake Cutting, an Entrance, a First Dance and Many Other Special Moments..

A Great Special Effect, which will Create a Surprising Wow Effect!

N.B. The 99% of the Photos & Videos on this site are of my production and made with non-professional equipments, so sorry for the poor quality
and if they are not perfect… are done to give you only a real small and initial idea of my work and how Your Event could be…
In Person is All Definitely Much Better!

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