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In a Dj-Set the DJ’s Music & Skill in Selecting & Mixing wisely & at the right time the right songs are certainly key & fundamental aspects for the correct success of the Party, but there’s another important aspect that can make the difference, the lighting.

The lights are really very important, sometimes they are underestimated or not taken into consideration, but I firmly believe they also play a fundamental role, creating together with the music a truly engaging & strong effect atmosphere, often also of great help to the most shy to throw yourself into the fray on the dancefloor.

After countless tests and events carried out, I managed to create a Set-Up Studied and Crafted Down to the Smallest Details, consisting of a Complete, Refined and Elegant Lighting System, where the fog machine and the many lights present (Moving Heads, Captivating Led effects, Light Games, Laser, etc.) merge together, in a perfect and calibrated union, enriching your Party scenically and suggestively.

It will be Your Exclusive Private Club, but without ever to exceed, everything will be expertly dosed, a unique and special environment, at the Top, always and rigorously with style and elegance.

Lights Effects Laser Fog
FogLights Effects Laser

N.B. The 99% of the Photos & Videos on this site are of my production and made with non-professional equipments, so sorry for the poor quality
and if they are not perfect… are done to give you only a real small and initial idea of my work and how Your Event could be…
In Person is All Definitely Much Better!

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