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  • Quality of Service 100% 100%
  • Value for money 100% 100%
  • Professionality 100% 100%
  • Response time 100% 100%
  • Flexibility 100% 100%

Positive Feedbacks

Highly Recommended For a Fairytale Wedding!
Since the first meeting, Gaetano immediately impressed us for his great Professionalism and for his kind and nice way at the same time … he immediately gave us the impression (then confirmed) of an extremely honest, friendly, polite and engaging person, ready with nice and polite interventions to animate the party in a unique way!!!!
Those who choose Gaetano must know that they are really lucky to be able to count on a very good Professional, empathetic, ready to listen and understand the needs of the spouses, and to propose them with great skill. All our guests congratulated us for the wonderful music and its fantastic lighting! Our location was enhanced by amber light effects that lighted the facade and numerous others strategic points … creating an atmosphere of pure magic! It seemed to live in a fairy tale, to be breathless!
Gaetano also projected us a wonderful monogram with our initials, which was admired and photographed by everyone! We recommend Gaetano because he is a serious supplier, of those who take the situation in hand and make a masterpiece a beautiful thing!
He is a supplier who takes the needs of the spouses to heart as if they were his and does everything to make the event in the image and likeness of the spouses, through the romantic language of music. Thanks Gaetano for the precious help you have given us and for the friendship you have shown us.
You are not only a skilled supplier who is satisfied with offering a nice soundtrack, but you are much more.
You are a person who cares with passion and love what he does, putting his soul and whole heart into his work … and this can be seen from the result!
Thank you so much!

From Mimi
Location: Private Residence
Wedding: Italian

An Exceptional DJ
We contacted Gaetano around November, to hire him for our Wedding. After a first telephone contact with my husband, we met in person to talk about the playlists, the location and the organizing of the Wedding. It proved to be not only a very Professional person, lover and devoted to his work, but also a fantastic person, very nice, very kind, who eventually became our friend. He managed to transform the location with an incredible play of light and made our Wedding wonderful. I would recommend it to all couples who wish & dream of a fairytale Wedding, because that is how ours proved to be. He managed to be satisfied with everything and in all the aspects that we asked for. We could not have asked for anything better, we chose and had the best DJ we could ever find. He accompanied us with his music from the aperitif to the final dances, there was not even one guest who was able to stay sit at during the dances. He was able to involve all the guests, from the twenty-year-old boy (like us), to the relatives a little older. Also from the guests there were only positive comments for music & the lights. For the main dances, with my husband and me and my father and me, he managed to create a perfect & wonderful atmosphere, which did not even spare the tears. Thank you so much Gaetano, really thank you.
Sarah and Gionny

From Sarah Pacini
Location: Casa La Querce
Wedding: Italian

Gaetano was our Wedding DJ.
Absolutely Unbelievable, we were very impressed with everything from start to finish. Gaetano is very Professional and hardworking and we highly recommend him to everyone. We come from the United Kingdom and we got married in Florence, I thought it would be difficult to organize a Wedding abroad without meeting the supplier before the Wedding day, but Gaetano made it seem so easy. It was so easy to communicate, his English was brilliant. She always replied to my emails very quickly, which made me feel safe when planning my Wedding abroad. On the big day, Gaetano was very Professional & worked very hard all night. We provided a list of songs they wanted to be played overnight along with guests’ requests for songs & Geatano was so happy to accommodate our requests. All the guests had a fantastic evening, everyone said that the music was amazing and they had a lot of fun. My husband and I were on the dance floor all night, we had a lot of fun and didn’t want the music to end. Gaetano even took pictures and videos which he showed us and sent later, which was a great extra! Thank you very much to Gaetano for all his help, we were really happy and we can only say thank you. We were very impressed, it was a million times better than we imagined. I highly recommend it to everyone who gets married in Italy, is truly incredible in his work, the best.
Thanks so much.

From Rebekah Wiltshire
Location: Villa Tolomei
English UK

A 6 Star Dj!
Gaetano! Future Spouses remember this name if you are looking for a Dj that knows how to animate your event, with him you can rest assured! Starting from the lighting system up to the music stations! Our experience with him was nothing short of fantastic! He is a Professional, always available and with little him creating a unique atmosphere! Not to mention that he is a very kind person, so much so that we have a close friendship that it is impossible not to get along with him. He Made our Wedding Spectacular! It has entertained all our guests including all ages! Grandparents, uncles, nephews, friends, etc. and also with its lighting system it has been able to enhance many details of the location making everything even more spectacular.
I advise you to contact him, you will not regret it!
Thanks so much! Keep it up!

From Raissa Calieri
Location: Tenuta Corbinaia
Wedding: Italian

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!
Gaetano was amazing and Professional from start to finish. Not only was he our Dj, after the Wedding we received photos, videos of the whole event! We used Gaetano for the full day event with uplighting included! We could not recommend him enough. I want to thank Gaetano again for our Wedding music and lighting you really where amazing!

From Katie Walker
Location: Tenuta Di Casa Bruciata

Wedding: English UK / Spanish

Best Dj, Best Party, Best Dance Floor
Gaetano was the best! All our guests loved him and he is so talented! He did an amazing job with music, lighting, pictures and video for our Korean Persian American Wedding! He went above and beyond! He took all of our song requests and played them so perfectly.
He is so Professional and our wedding was the best night ever because of him! Truly, thank you so much Gaetano for providing such a wonderful evening to us and our guests who traveled all over the world to celebrate with us.
We would do it all over again and have Gaetano as our Dj!

From CJ Oveisi
Location: Castello Di Vincigliata
Wedding: Korean / Persian / American

Casamento Brasileiro – Wedding Brazilian
A festa foi animada, a trilha sonora agradou e todos dançamos a noite toda, até as crianças dançaram e disseram que adoraram. Levaremos a lembrança da festa e do trabalho do Gaetano para o Brasil e guardaremos em nossas lembranças por muitos anos.
Recomendamos o trabalho do Gaetano.
– – – – – – – – – – – –
The party was lively, the soundtrack was liked and we danced all night, even the children danced and told to adore it. We will remember the celebration and the work of Gaetano in Brazil and we will keep it in our memories for many years. We recommend the work of Gaetano.

From Letízia Montanaro
Location: Villa Il Granduca
Wedding: Brazilian

My wife & I organized our Wedding in Castello Vicchiomaggio, nearby Greve in Chianti and we had a wonderful time alltogether, receiving great help from Gaetano, not only for the evening of the Wedding but also on the day before when we decided to go do another party in a Sienna garden as well! He created The Right Atmosphere For Each Of Those Two Evenings. We will remember these moments all our life! Our indications of the music was maybe a little bit vague and we knew it… still Gaetano managed perfecty to adapt our taste and improvised perfectly when needed, and always with a smile and a wonderful general attitude! generale!

From Vandenbroucque Thomas 
Location: Castello Vicchiomaggio
Wedding: French / Iranian

Gaetano did such a wonderful job at our Wedding. He Was Simply Fantastic and created the most amazing atmosphere for our guests. He is also the most lovely person and it was a pleasure to have him as part of our Wedding day and to have him now as a friend. The music selection was perfect and we were overwhelmed by how guests commented on how good the music was. He created such a great party atmosphere (even better than we had imagined) and we can’t imagine our Wedding without him. Gaetano also did our Lighting and more than exceeded our expectations. From his recommendations on how to best Lighting the venue to capturing exactly what we asked for. He created the best example I’ve ever seen of the venue Lighting. Gaetano was a huge part of making our Wedding day perfect and we will be eternally grateful for his efforts and services.

From Katy Fitz-Patrick
Location: Castello Di Vincigliata

Wedding: English UK / UAE

We hired Gaetano for our Wedding in Tuscany on the recommendation of our wedding planner (we are from New Zealand and our wedding planner was from Firenze).
We were very happy when we agreed that it would be best for us to select our own music for the Wedding, as being from New Zealand, there are many songs that are special to us that Gaetano may not have recognised. We created our own Spotify playlist and Gaetano executed it perfectly.
We had selected some special songs – cutting of the cake, first dance, etc – and these all went perfectly. Everything was on time, exactly as we had imagined. We were so happy! Gaetano also had very good equipment, much better than we were expecting from a Wedding DJ. The quality was very good, the lights were fantastic – we were very pleased by the quality. We have been to many Weddings where the DJ/sound system were okay but not very good, so we were very pleased and very happy with the service and quality from Gaetano. He was very kind, very Professional and could not have been more helpful for us. I would recommend his DJ service to anybody, and also he delivers very good service and quality for a reasonable price. If we could have our Wedding again, We Would Have Once Again Chosen Gaetano, 100%!! Thanks to him and his staff for a very successful, happy Wedding, with lots of great dancing and happy times. I will always be very happy that we chose him for our big, special day. If anybody would like to contact me, then I am happy to give more details or information. Many thanks!
Fiona (and Hamish) Fraser, New Zealand

From Fiona Fraser
Location: Castello Di Cabbiavoli

Wedding: New Zealand

We contacted Gaetano because i was conquered by the positive reviews on and now that I’ve also had to deal with him I can confirm everything that has been positive to others. Gaetano Has A Gift: he can hear and understand what you want the day of your party to be! He can adapt to every request and to suggest the best solutions! Say we are happy is to say little! If can help you, you must know that at 2 o’clock in the morning we were still in the 60 survivors who danced uninterruptedly for hours! Thank you Gaetano for having made our Wedding so fun as we wanted it and you must know that already other couples have asked about you! te!

From Francesca Guerra
Location: Antica Fattoria Di Paterno

Wedding: Italian

Not Only a Great Dj, But A Wonderful Person!
My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Gaetano in Tuscany for our Wedding in June 2023 and I can honestly say he made our experience so incredible from day one! Coming from the USA, we communicated mostly via email before the big day and I could always count on him to respond quickly and answer all our questions thoroughly and with great enthusiasm/energy!
Gaetano and his team arrived very early the day of our wedding to set everything up and stayed with us for over 12 hours to ensure our event was perfect — and believe me, everything was!
From the timing of the music, to executing all our song choices, to the lighting, the cold sparklers and so much more.
We cannot thank him and his team enough for helping to give us such a wonderful, memorable day.
I am only sad that our big day is over because we don’t get to talk to him as much as we are used to!
Grazie Mille Gaetano.
You are spectacular!

From Ariel M.
Location: Villa Cini

Wedding: American / Mexican

Unique! Unforgettable!
Professionalism, availability, talent, honesty, cheerfulness, everything is taken care of down to the last detail!… Words are not enough to describe Gaetano! We contacted Gaetano a year before the Wedding and from that day for us it was more a friend than a collaborator! We could not choose and wish for better! Gaetano is fantastic, has always been helpful and considerate to us and our needs! I highly recommend it, there is no better DJ than him. And his assistant, an exquisite boy! Thanks for everything!
Highly recommended!

From Ida Molinaro
Location: Villa Viviani

Wedding: Italian

Perfect Dj, Collaborative, Kind, Professional
Gaetano was the best Dj we could have wished for. We spoke with him several times before the wedding, he was very responsive and it was clear start to finish he wanted to make it a perfect experience for us. And perfect it was! The music, the lightning and the ambience he created, it was amazing. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us Gaetano! Don’t hesitate to get him as your Dj, you won’t find any better.

From Rens Van Den Broek
Location: Villa Passerini

Wedding:  Dutch / French / American

We really recommend Gaetano to all future couples! Beautiful person and great Professional.
He has taken care of all the service in the smallest details, from aperitifs to dancing, fulfilling all our requests and make fun both us and our guests. Affectionate, Helpful, Scrupulous And Always Ready to Give The Right Advice. He accompanied us with transport and passion from the day we met him until the Wedding day, always sending us his enthusiasm and his desire to offer us a top service. In short, added value in our most beautiful day! Thanks thanks thanks. Giulia and Giuseppe

From  Giuseppe Zumbo
Location: Villa Mocale

Wedding: Italian

For our Wedding we were looking for something that had not been seen at other weddings, we were looking for the best, looking at this site we noticed Gaetano, and we have seen from in his Videos that he is that something we were looking for! Since the first appointment he has been clear in explaining his profession, sending us the love he puts doing your work! It Has Always Been Super Helpful For Whatever We Asked, and it has met our every wish. He has done great music (his playlist is infinite, I think I can meet everyone’s wishes!). Our guests were all fascinated and satisfied with the beautiful dancing evening, all thanks to Gaetano! In addition to Professionalism, she is also an educated, honest, correct, present and nice person. That’s why we recommend Gaetano to all of you who are looking for music for your Wedding. You will find a guarantee with him! Thanks to all Gaetano!

From Niccolò Bentivenga
Location: Fattoria Di Calappiano

Wedding: Italian

Gaetano gave our Wedding reception That Touch Of Magic that only him could have added: Available from the beginning (it is super required, fortunately we moved very soon to book him or we would not have been so lucky to have him), He also helped us in the administrative part, his repertoire and his musical knowledge is infinite, and him is very helpful and flexible. We highly recommend it, with Gaetano you will be sure to make your evening even more perfect, at least for us it was so.
Thanks Gaetano!

From Perrine Catarina
Location: Villa Le Sorti

Wedding: French / Italian

We gladly recommend Gaetano to all couples looking for a Dj for their Wedding. At one month to the event, late and completely absorbed by the preparations, we delegated all aspects of the organization (together we only chose music). He was Good, Accurate And Scrupulous At All Points Of View. He followed us and helped us also on the bureaucratic side (SIAE, etc.). Musical accompaniment was great at all times of the evening and exactly match our desires. But especially Gaetano is a exquisite, courteous and helpful person.disponibile.

From Mario e Cecilia
Location: Antica Fattoria Di Paterno

Wedding: Italian

The service Provided By Gaetano Was Really Excellent. The music was perfect & we enjoyed its flexibility. All guests were happy, a mix of international songs (English/American) and Italian songs. Thanks’ so much for a special and unforgettable evening!

From Warren
Location: Agriturismo Borgo Il Castagno

Wedding: English UK / American / Australian

Il Miglior Dj Per Matrimoni
Gaetano’s services, simply put is extraordinary! We had a destination Wedding in italy, from the first time i contacted him, he couldn’t have been more friendly, kind and patient! He took so much effort to make sure whatever we had in mind was accomplished. On the actual day, i didn’t even worry about 1 single thing, and i was blown away! Everything was exactly as i imagined (and i have a type a personality) and then some more. He just showed up and made sure everything was taken care off from the lighting, to the sound systems in the church and reception and the music. His skill as a dj is absolutely amazing, and we were dancing all through the night. He is the sweetest human and happens to be the best dj in town! 10000% every time i would always recommend him!

From Paige C.
Location: Castello Vicchiomaggio

Wedding: American / Arabic / Indian / Mexican

Really Unique!
From the moment we had our first meeting with Gaetano, we knew we had found the right DJ for our Wedding! His professionalism and attention to detail went above and beyond all the other DJs we had talked to before. We particularly appreciated his ability to talk about the technical aspects of choosing the best speaker microphone and freely offer suggestions and sample mixes. This shows how passionate he is about his craft. Gaetano understood perfectly how we wanted our Wedding to be and was so excited to bring our ideas to life. In preparation for our big day, we met Gaetano to review our chosen songs and we were so grateful for how accurate and detailed he was! We listened to all the music from our ceremony & reception to make sure everything was exactly correct, the versions, the right length etc. Our day went perfectly, the sound for our outdoor ceremony was excellent, and the whole evening was truly wonderful, not to mention the after dinner party, it was spectacular! We had a small wedding (only 50 people) and he still managed to make everyone dance, really pleasing everyone, young and old. He not only took care of the audio part, but he also took care of the lighting part, he made our location a daydream with its architectural lighting and the projection of our initials on the facade of the location were the icing on the cake.
We could not have made any other choice, Gaetano was truly wonderful!

From Carla V.
Location: Villa Tolomei

Wedding: Italian

Friendliness Professionalism Perfect Music
Well what to say? All great.
Exceptional Dj always ready to listen to the needs of his customers and dispenser of tips for a night at the top, made our day perfect. Thanks for everything!
Giulia and Niccolò

From Giulia Dionisi
Location: Villa Mocale

Wedding: Italian

I had met Gaetano at the Wedding of a friend. I liked it very much and had us so much fun there. I had not still had direct experience, as long as we chose it for our wedding.
What to say? I highly recommend Gaetano! Professional And Helpful, attentive to every detail and full of useful advice. Perfect!! If you would to have like us the best for your special day, you have found the right person!

From Lorenzo Magri
Location: Villa Bardini

Wedding: American / Italian

Gaetano was in charge of music for our religious ceremony, for music during dinner and for dancing. It Was Perfect From Beginning To The End! He was present and attentive throughout the preparation of marriage, he has always answered our questions. We are a French couple and we are very happy to have agreed to be our DeeJay for our Wedding in Italy.
We would recommend it to everyone!

From Caillens Marie
Location: Il Giardino Della Pieve

Wedding: French

Gaetano made us feel safe, from the begininng he was very re-assuring with his Professional and knowledgable attitude.
As we were planning a Desitination Wedding, in a venue we have not yet been to, Gaetano being the super star that he is, went and did a site inspection on our behalf ensured the venue follows our vision and worked closely with them to set up his equipments in 4 different area’s.
On the day of the Wedding, his Professionalism and expertise made our day, and our guests were thrilled, the day flowed, and even when he changed his stations, he ensured the next station was operative before moving from the first so there we no disruptions whatsoever.
He was also a friend to us and really made us feel like family, taking his job with utmost dedication and passion, he gave us advices and always worked so hard to understand what we want and delivered it with beauty. We are very luck and grateful to have had him on our day.

From Salma A.
Location: Villa Le Fontanelle

Wedding: German / Egyptian / UAE

Gaetano was the icing on the cake of our big day. Attentive, Professional, Punctual and So Precise: everything should be a supplier on the day of their Wedding. During the organization of the Wedding was a true friend attentive to all our needs and requests. The big day, during dinner was a discreet and elegant accompaniment with his music and his presence never cumbersome, but the real surprise was when we entered the room set up for the party after dinner.
We and all our guests we exclaimed: “WOW!”.
Everything was perfect: the super professional equipments, a console that not even David Guetta, the fog machine and stratospheric lights. Against any kind of expectation the track was full. Gaetano has managed to unleash all: from aunt to the friends, from the north to the south. It ‘was an incredible party! Thanks again! If you want your event to be perfect & you want to entrust to a real Professionist Gaetano is the perfect choice!

From Alessia Torrini
Location: Villa Machiavelli

Wedding: Italian

Gaetano was the DJ of our marriage, and My Feedback Is Very Positive. First, him and Giulia are two people with an education and a rare kindness, it was a real pleasure to communicate with them during the organization and even more to meet them in person. Another fundamental aspect is the competence of Gaetano in all organizational and bureaucratic, with the arrangement all in accordance with the regulations as not to see the most beautiful day spoiled by a fine, and he is counting on his help we had the security to be in place, and this expertise is rarely encountered. Well, as they say, if you think that rely to a professional is expensive, you’ll see how much it costs to entrust to an amateur … But let’s get to the music: Gaetano has a huge library to choose the music for the various phases. We have chosen for subtraction, removing the musical genres that we prefer and avoid leaving him the choice in genres chosen for each stage of the day. The result was excellent, during lunch I found myself often thinking “siii this song we were waiting!” Another key aspect is that Gaetano knows how to energize the day without forcing the situation. In short, we saw them all DJs who want to put the loud music and guests can even talk over lunch… But he not only knows how to choose the right music as well as propose, as an accompaniment during lunch, as a time of celebration during the cutting of the cake, as pure energy during the dances. And besides that knows when to intervene with the voice to emphasize important moments without excess, which is rare! Excellent idea of ​​the microphone for the newlyweds, unfortunately we forgot to use it … Finally, a positive note also for the instrument, of excellent quality so that there were problems of operation and the sound was always clear and undistorted, and h are an audiophile also the wedding day! In conclusion, I am very satisfied of the work of Gaetano and Giulia, and I recommend them without reservation!

From Stefano T
Location: Borgo San Luigi

Wedding: Italian / Brazilian

A Fantastic Dj who listened so carefully to all our suggestions and played an amazing set!
Our guests all loved him and they were on the dance floor all night. He could not have been more helpful!
Gaetano was in regular contact with ourselves and our planner to ensure everything about the music was planned perfectly. He put a lot if thought into our music during the aperiifs, meal and in the evening. The lights and ambience were fantastic and he takes a great deal of pride in his work. He made sure he had our favourite songs and even played Loch Lomond for us, which as a Scottish couple made out night really special. I would recommend him 100% and you will not be disappointed.
Thank you so much Gaetano! Gaetano.

From  Mairi Clare
Location: Villa Mocale

Wedding: Scottish

Top Player.
Gaetano made a day that was already wonderful sparkling. We understood immediately, from the first phone call, that we were dealing with a serious, precise professional who loves his work. We have postponed, like many, our wedding and Gaetano in this year of stop has always feel with usu, for a greeting or for Christmas wishes. When we left with the organization, his enthusiasm was unchanged. He advised us how to organize our day, gave us suggestions and accepted all our requests with the joy of those who do this job with passion. We danced during the aperitif, between courses during dinner, and we romped after dinner, amazed by the spectacular plays of light that he had organized with his colleague. Glad to have chosen it to animate our wedding.
Gaetano is not just a DJ, he is the Roberto Baggio of DJs.proved in line with all the great reviews, but surprised us with its availability, flexibility, Professionalism, punctuality! It was not only a DJ but was an integral part of a fantastic day which helped to improve with all his attention, suggestions and advice. Thank you, thank you and thank you again!

From Andrea A.
Location: Villa Mocale

Wedding: Italian

DJ Gaetano Sicari was referred to us by a friend and we’re so glad we booked him for our Wedding dance party.
He Listened to Our Music Style and Specific Requests for The Dance Party and helped us achieve the ultimate party vibe with only 50 guests present. He also went out of his way to visit our venue ahead of time and suggest the best lighting for the dance area (I didn’t realize he did this until after the fact and was very grateful as I think it made a big difference with the atmosphere and ambiance). Our friends and family had the best time and I’ll never forget at one point during the night, looking over to the DJ booth and seeing one of our good friends dancing away with DJ Gaetano Sicari (LOL!). He was such a good sport and we loved that he had fun interacting with our guests as well.
Thank you DJ Gaetano Sicari for all you did to contribute to our special day!

From Katherine G. 
Location: Villa Medicea di Lilliano

Wedding: American

It’s been a while since our Wedding date, but we remember it as was yesterday and we will never forget that day and this is also thanks to Gaetano. He made everyone have fun with his music. Our Wedding was The Most Incredible Day Of Our Life, everything went perfectly, without any problem or misunderstanding and it was so incredibly unique! Gaetano was exceptional and did a magnificent job setting up the music stations in 3 different areas of the location and also lit it all with its uplights, absolutely wonderful! He is a beautiful person, at the same time extremely Professional, he made everything really easy & fantastic. We recommend him. Thank you so much Gaetano.

From Anna Forconi
Location: Private Residence
Wedding: Italian

An Excellent Professional
Dj really fantastic! Reliability and Professionalism absolutely guaranteed. Gaetano proved to be an excellent Professional in this field, very available to our requests,
to the needs of the location as well as to the selection of the playlist. He also helped us with the spectacular setting of the dancing room with a rich array of lights and effects, architectural lighting, fog and so on.
Everything was perfect & wonderful.
We strongly recommend it, it is a security.

From Nicole
Location: Castello Di Meleto
Wedding: Italian / American

The Wedding preparation is often full of unexpected events. If on one hand some choices are easy such as choosing the location, the dress, the favors because you see them and touch them with your hands, the choice of food becomes a little more difficult (because even if you taste the menu you would ask what happens when the chef have to prepare for 200 guests and not for 2) the photographer… but above all, the DJ. The purchase of a service is always more difficult to evaluate than the purchase of a product. So if you want to organize “THE BIG PARTY”, and not “JUST A PARTY”, call Gaetano.
Professional right from the start, from the first phone call to his follows up by email, from the choice of the music and the adjustment of the various moments of the ceremony to the preparation of the lights and the workstations, and lastly, the execution during the big day. Despite my Italian name and surname, I come from the United States, which has been among the best entertainers and organizers of events and shows for decades now. Simply think about Hollywood!
My wife, American and very demanding, continues after 6 months to remember Gaetano with pleasure.
He is a Professional in the field and choosing him you will never regret.
I share photos of architectural lighting. Judge yourself!

From Lucio
Location: Valle Di Badia
Wedding: Italian / American

Gaetano Was a Fantastic DJ at Our Wedding.
We asked him to play specific genre of songs for us, and he went and found the specific music for us and played it at the perfect time we asked for. He also provided the lighting at the Vincigliata Castle, which was amazing and made the venue look even more beautiful. Gaetano was a perfect addition to our Wedding and everything ran smoothly and we cannot thank him enough!

From Dan Yates
Location: Castello Di Vincigliata

Wedding: English UK

10/10 Dj Absolutely Recommend
We found Gaetano on instagram.
We were intrigued by the architectural lighting and videos of him hyping up the crowd.
Gaetano was hands down an amazing DJ. He made our wedding one of the most memorable ever.
We had created playlists for our dinner, cocktail hour, and reception and he stuck to the list we sent.
He actually complimented our choices and mixed them very well.
His sound system and set up was organized and on par. He has an eye for design so the up lighting and wall initial monograms turned out beautifully.
It was supposed to rain the night of our wedding, we had to pivot and Gaetano was ready to help with whatever we needed.
He was always responsive and willing to have Zoom calls with me to make sure we were all on the same page and organized for the night of the wedding.
Gaetano was Professional, personable and constantly checking in to make sure it was to my husbands and mine satisfaction.
He truly made our day special and I would recommend him for any Wedding.

From Tamara B.
Location: Tenuta di Forte Sorgnano
Wedding: American

We got married and Gaetano was an accomplice to a beautiful party. He took care of every part of the party perfectly marking the various phases of the evening.
Perfect for the aperitif and for dinner, super for after dinner. Gaetano has in fact transformed one of the halls of the castle into a real discoteque. This made everyone feel comfortable dancing, creating a nice atmosphere. We had a lot of fun, spectacular lights and a club atmosphere. That’s exactly what we wanted. But Gaetano’s True Added Value is Himself, in fact he is a delightful person, he has always listened to us, advised us and accompanied us in our choices. Very kind and Professional at the same time, it is as if we have always known each other. He also curated the lighting of the courtyard where we had dinner, with the architectural lightings he created a magical environment, both for dinner and during the cutting of the cake. Our experience with him was absolutely positive and proved to be the winning choice! Thanks Gaetano, you have contributed significantly in many wonderful memories that will accompany us forever!

From Eleonora Casini
Location: Castello Il Palagio
Wedding: Italian

Gaetano Made Our Dream Wedding Real
Gaetano rocks! Simple as that!
Not only did he deliver on our customized music list, he exceeded our expectations by spinning great dance tunes that got everyone on the dance floor. Also, Gaetano’s customer service was outstanding, as his generous offer to add more lights to our venue at last minute was really appreciated. He really wanted to make our evening special, and it showed. He truly made out night memorable with music, ambiance, and his super-cool personality.
Highly recommend! Rock on G!!

From Eric Haar
Location: Villa Podernovo

Beyond the Professionalism and the skill of Gaetano (certainly not a novelty), what distinguishes it is its putting itself at complete disposal, soul and heart, for the spouses and guests, without ever sparing, taking care of every detail with extreme precision. We were impressed by his great and natural sensitivity in capturing the most beautiful and exciting moments of the event, as if they belonged to him personally. Besides being a great Professional, Gaetano is a wonderful person who leaves us with an indelible memory.
Thank you so much Gaetano.

From Daniel Hürlimann
Location: Villa Castiglione
Swiss / German / Italian

Thanks to Gaetano our Wedding has become an Unforgettable party. In addition to being an excellent Professional and attentive to every detail, both for music and for the lighting, he became a friend for us.
He followed and advised us in everything, always available to fulfill any desire and proposal.
We highly recommend!

From Veronica Ferrini
Location: Villa Corsini

After almost two months of our Wedding, is time to spend two minutes talking and telling you about Gaetano’s service! We Could Not Be More Than Happy! We contacted Gaetano a month before the Wedding, fortunately it was still free! The answer was immediate with exhaustive mail with all of its services and costs (and no extra at wedding day) and a series of questions that were of interest to us, such as our music genres, choices of various songs, etc… I Having a past from Dj and I can highly recommend it, both for the quality of music, always live mixed, that and Professional equipment, audio, video and even lighting! As far as our Wedding has positioned 3 Dj stations (not one …but three!) To be able to handle all the various location changes! I had a wireless microphone available if you would like to interact with our guests!
Then the big finale, the dance, that’s his strength. Dance people of various ages in Wedding is not easy!
Only fault, but not for him, the location made us stop at 2:30… as much I would have liked it to continue! Finally, another point in his favor, with her collaborator made videos and photos that he later made us! Thank’s Gaetano I would marry again immediately calling you for sure!
Teo and Chia

From Matteo Padoan
Location: Montelucci Country Resort
Wedding: Italian / Australian

Gaetano was the Dj at our Wedding at Vincigliata Castle in Florence, september 2018. Gaetano was not just a Dj but a great friend and A Wonderfull Asset To Our Weddding! He is very Professional, and knows exactly how to bring our ideas to life.From the lighting to the music, Gaetano made our Wedding memorable and absolutely unforgettable! He knew exactly what kind of vibe we wanted, he had a huge library of songs and guided us trough all the steps of the Wedding. He is very approachable and easy to make an arrangement which made our whole experience a breeze.
Thank you Gaetano for wonderfull memories! 10/10

From Natalya Nikolic
Location: Castello Di Vincigliata
Wedding: Serbian / American / French / UAE

Simply Perfect!
Our Wedding party was at “La Mandriola” Lajatico, Tuscany. It was a very beautiful day! Also thanks to our talented Dj Gaetano! Communication at the top – very Professional! He has taken care of everything to the last detail, with a lot of love for his work! He satisfied all our wishes! He gave us many useful tips.
We can really recommend it!
Thanks Gaetano, you’re great!

From Angela Schunter
Location: Agriturismo la Mandriola
Wedding: German

You certainly need such a Professional hand for your Wedding! Gaetano created The Perfect Atmosphere With The Lights, Music and Special Effects. I certainly recommend and trust his recommendations. He can accommodate many types of events or parties with his styles. Just tell him what you want to hear and he will make it like a private club for you. Congrats and thank you!

From Gabriel Petrovay
Location: Giardino Di Travalle
Wedding: Romanian / Ecuadorian

Among the many Djs we talked with Gaetano was the most available in our requests. With her Professionalism and Sympathy he helped us a lot and made our evening so beautiful. With very little notice came to look at the villa, with so much energy and Professionalism helped me to chooses the arrangement of lighting the facade of the villa. As far as the Dj part is concerned, he has quite understood what we wanted without making with his head without satisfy our request as some DJs do.
With a lot pleasure we recommend it to everyone was great & we were very happy. Thank you so much Gaetano.

From Filippo Colombo
Location: Villa Viviani
Wedding: Swiss / Italian

A Very Good Boy in His Job, Very Professional, Helpful and Attentive to the needs of the moment. His Professionalism is seen in how he manages music at various times of the event, the lights are suggestive, effective and create a special atmosphere. All our guests had a lot of fun and danced all night without stopping for a moment! Absolutely recommended for those who want a secured success of their party. Great Gaetano, thank you!

From Anita
Location: Antica Fattoria Di Paterno

Wedding: Italian

Wonderful Person and Great Professional, Unique! We want to thank Gaetano for helping to make our day so special, memorable and fun! From the beginning the communication and organization of our Wedding was so simple and without problems and since our first meeting we knew we were in good hands. Gaetano is a great Professional and he went out of his way to make sure our day was fantastic and it was amazing. The whole day went smoothly and that’s exactly what you want in a DJ: Professionalism and a great sense of music, we can’t say enough about Gaetano, a really special person. Our guests congratulated themselves on how perfect everything was, including music, not to mention the atmosphere that he managed to create during dinner by Lighting the entire location with beautiful and elegant lights that made the environment fantastic, fairytale , just as we always wanted; he also made us a beautiful surprise, he projected our initials on the facade of the location, wonderful! For all future spouses who are looking for someone to trust to manage the entertainment of your Wedding, Gaetano is what you are looking for and you will not regret it. Thanks again for making our dream come true and creating a perfect environment from the ceremony to the mega party after dinner.

From Serena Ceccarelli
Location: Private Residence

Wedding: Italian / English UK

Highly Recommended!
Gaetano is above all a beautiful person and then a talented Dj. Our reception was perfect thanks to him, with beautiful and suitable music for any part of the evening – from aperitif and dinner at the party. All danced all night. The guests were very happy. The atmosphere was just unique. He explained all the (really boring) bureaucracy at the first meeting, and with his help was all very easy. Due to its availability ‘, Professionalism’ and passion, our Wedding was magical. An unforgettable evening!
Thank you, thank you, thank Gaetano!

From Milica Krsanac
Location: Villa Le Rondini

Wedding: Serbian / Italian

Gaetano was more than our DJ, a friend. He did a lot of fun, made every moment unforgettable. With great Professionalism he managed the whole event even when there was to improvise. What say, Those Who Find Gaetano Found a Treasure! Grazie thank you are a special person and I recommend it without thinking about it a lot. You are the person we were looking for.
Thanks again infinitely.
Annarita and Andrea

From Annarita De Carlo
Location: Hotel Il Piccolo Castello

Wedding: Italian

Gaetano is A Great One!
Ours was a mixed Wedding with many International guests and everyone enjoyed the music to the point the location must turned off the lights otherwise we were still dancing!

From Clare/Rosario
Location: Antica Fattoria Di Paterno

Wedding: Belgian / French / German / Irish

We had Gaetano as a DJ at our Wedding, with its Professionalism, sympathy, availability and its music he have perfectly framed our magic day and we have tasted with pleasure the different musicalities that involved all the participants. A simple guy who gave us many tips & suggestions to organize the party to perfection.
We Can Only Consider Its Service Excellent!
Thanks thanks thanks

From Carmen
Location: Antica Fattoria Di Paterno

Wedding: Italian

We Would Definitely Recommend Gaetano for his DJ Services in Tuscany – Amazing DJ
We wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help with the music for our Wedding.
We really appreciated your enthusiasm and attention to detail since our first emails before the Wedding.
You made sure every aspect of music was taken care of on our special day by coordinating with us and our wedding planner and seamlessly transitioning with our musician too.
All the set ups for the speakers and microphones etc were organised perfectly and the playlists for background music were just like we imagined!
The n&s projection on the wall was a beautiful touch too, which we loved was included in your package.
Finally, thank you for playing such fun music as the dj for the evening party which got everyone up dancing, from the young guests to the old!
As you could tell, we all had a great time parting and dancing and lots of that was down to you. Overall, thank you so much for all the music on our wedding day!
You were Amazing.

We would be more than happy to recommend you to any future brides and grooms for their special day!

From Sophie J.
Location: Casa Cornacchi Country House

Wedding: English UK / Chinese

Gaetano was the best choice we could do! I can say I will choose him another 10000 times! It is Professional, Competent, Friendly, Kind and all our wishes was full met. We certainly want to cultivate his friendship even after this wonderful day and we will recommend it to all friends and not who they want be in a barrel of iron when we will have to choose the soundtrack of the most important moments of your life.
Gaetano you are the best, no doubt!

From Elisa Landi
Location: Villa Castiglione

Wedding: Italian

I was not excited to find a DJ for our wedding through a website, but fortunately we did it, and especially that we chose Gaetano! We selected among many others contacted and he stood out right from the beginning, from the first email, to punctuality, kindness, and foresight in giving us all the necessary information, and we had almost convinced by them. We met him in person and we knew it had to be him our DJ. They did An Excellent Job, Passion And Expertise have meant that no one was stopped, danced and had fun everyone, absolutely everyone and has fulfilled all our wishes, building together the musical part and improvising (at large) at the right time. It was never intrusive, always humble, polite and above all professional and helpful in all our requests. He has been able to manage like a real pro even last minute changes, improvising new 2 music stations had not been scheduled and all guest did not realize anything, everything went smoothly. Gaetano is really a wonderful person as well as being a great and very professional DJ, Value for money absolutely magnificent, I do not think you can do better. Thank you very much Gaeatano for making our wedding a show! We will meet again definitely if you ever were to serve a great Dj.
Recommended without any doubt!

From Giacomo
Location: Private Residence
Wedding: Italian

Gaetano Will Not Disappoint You!
He is Professional, organized, thoughtful, and creative. I loved that his services were all inclusive and that he offered additional services beyond DJing that I’ve never even thought about including ambient lighting, projectors, party lighting and smoke machines! It was very easy to work with Gaetano. He always provided very detailed instructions for what he needed, gave Professional feedback when necessary, and delivered any requests in a timely manner. We let Gaetano work with our wedding planners freely and were very happily surprised by how beautiful and smoothly everything worked out on the day of the wedding!
There was no task asked of Gaetano that he couldn’t do.
Book him now!

From Anna Z.
Location: Borgo de Brandi

Wedding: American

With Gaetano we have been well since our first meeting! The first thing we noticed was definitely the availability. Professionalism, attention to detail, the precision with which he has followed us and he has cared for our Wedding make Gaetano An Exceptional Person!
Music and lighting Amazing!

From Val
Location: Castello Vicchiomaggio

Wedding: Italian

Our dream Tuscany wedding
First of all we want to thank Gaetano for helping us make our dream Wedding a reality.
His service from initial contact to saying goodbye at the end of an amazing evening of music and dancing was first class.
We had a number of requests which included music at the ceremony location, architectural lighting of the venue, music and dancing in an outdoor courtyard and later in the evening moving the DJ set up indoors(with an amazing nightclub feel we requested) all done without any problems and Gaetano kept the crowd dancing and having fun throughout!
Communication was promt and uncomplicated.
We can’t recommend his services highly enough!
Thank you Gaetano

From Kevin D.
Location: Hotel Villa Casagrande

Wedding: Irish / Australian

What about Gaetano… Gorgeous, helpful and above all prepared and Professional person! I would say Fabulous! From the first moment he had become no longer a person who will make us a service… But our old sincere friend! Choose Him… A Guarantee One who loves what he does and does it with heart!

From  Eneo Tesi
Location: Agriturismo Poggio Tondo

Wedding: Italian

Fantastic Dj and Service!
Gaetano was fantastic! He was very understanding and able to get the Wedding going smoothly. He is a very Professional, responsible and kind guy. From our first email I knew we would be in good hands. Thanks for your excellent work and dedication in my Wedding! From the selection and the flow of music to the atmosphere of the place thanks to the wonderful lighting and the monogram created. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends and family and anyone who wants an experience to remember forever!

From Amy Goodger
Location: Villa Le Rondini

Wedding: American

Honest, Educated and Punctual.
I would recommend it to anyone. All the guests at my Wedding complimented us for music. Him have been able to make me dance, me that I’m denied for the dance and i’m a little trunk of the happiness. Really Great.

From Mauro Ciaramelletti
Location: Villa Damiani

Wedding: Italian

It was a great pleasure for us to have Gaetano as our Dj, Has been made available until the last second, listening to our needs, In addition to its outstanding and extensive musical expertise, it has created a beautiful atmosphere that has involved all of our guests. In essence Gaetano Is A Great Guarantee.

From Petra Osazuwa
Location: Agriturismo La Borriana

Wedding: Italian / Nigerian

Gaetano! What can we say if not a big thank you?! Professional, Kind  And Friendly From Start to Finish. He truly understood what music we wanted, for the ceremony, aperitif, meal and a fabulous party which got everyone dancing & singing. Everyone said what a great party. We had a great time for sure. From the music, lights, everything just perfect. You are great at what you do & we would highly recommend you. Thanks for everything & for the little extra touches, such as pictures, messages. You’re the best, thanks again. The Davenports!

From Jade e Phil
Location: Tenuta Di Papena

Wedding: English UK

Gaetano is a special guy who meets any kind of need.
It Cares Every Detail With the utmost Precision Without Leaving Anything To The Case and to satisfy at maximum all demands which are required. To summarize in a few words, punctuality, accuracy, honesty, Professionalism, reliability.

From Ilaria Lupi
Location: Antica Fattoria Di Paterno

Wedding: Italian

I believe that choosing good DJ is one of the most important steps for your party! Gaetano is just what we want!!! First it was able to fulfill all my requests (and it was not exactly easy hahah)! He also created a beautiful and very addictive (not to be underestimated if you want a dynamic party). Simply put, us but also all the guests, we were very pleased with his service! Advisable to 100%! I thank him once again!

From Iana & Manuele
Location: Villa Fiorelli

Wedding: Italian / Ukrainian

Recommend Gaetano For His Professionalism And For His Organization, he does not leave anything to chance taking care of every detail. It ‘was very present, supporting us both before and during Wedding, fulfilling any request. If our Wedding has been a wonderful party it is also thanks to you! Thank you!

From Tommaso Cecconi
Location: Private Residence
Wedding: Italian

We Couldn’t Have Imagined a Better Dj Than Gaetano. You will not regret choosing it and it will guide you from the beginning to the end of the preparations being always available, kind and open to all your ideas. Our party was a sight! Thanks a lot Gaetano!

From Anna Borowicz
Location: Villa Corsini

Wedding: Swiss / Polish

Choosing the Dj was very difficult, at first we gone crazy because we were not able to find one who could grant our demands, then we found you, Gaetano, We Could Not Fall in Better Hands! You have fulfilled all our requests, we got advices, you have listened us (did you have a lot of patience!) And you gift us a fairytale Wedding, not to mention all the compliments that have made you the guests. Thank you so much! Dj number one, surely we’ll call you for the next event!

From Irene
Location: Villa Il Granduca

Wedding: Italian

Amazing Dj, Professional Kind and Patient!
Gaetano was fantastic from our first email communication until the final song that played on our big day!
He was Professional, polite and knowledgeable during our communication and offered a very reasonable price for his services.
He was happy to create a playlist based on the requests of us and out guests but he also added in songs that were not requested but matched the vibe of the evening perfectly.
His equipment (microphones, speakers, lights and smoke machine) were perfect for our speeches, cocktail hour and dancefloor.
He ensured that everything we needed was taken care of and went out of his way to keep everyone happy. He knows the locality well and made sure to communicate and work seamlessly with the other vendors (landlord, caterers and wedding planner).

My wife and I are Canadian and can confirm that Gaetano was able to take care of our requests in both English and Italian, always with a smile on his face.
We’d recommend his services to anyone who wants their wedding to be both a memorable day and evening.
Our guests had a great time at our wedding and every single one of them (from young to old) mentioned how awesome the party was and how much they liked the DJ.

Many thanks Gaetano for the wonderful memories!
Doug and Hannah

From Doug B.
Location: Villa Cini

Wedding: English UK / Canadian

Gaetano is a true Professional and him managed to make magic every moment of our Wedding! The Difference is That Does its Job With Passion and transmitted it in each detail that has cared for us! Always ready give suggestions & guide us in the choice of the evening songs.

From Caterina
Location: Castello Di Leonina

Wedding: Italian

We had organised our wWedding party in the garden of our home just outside of Florence. We had contact some Dj’s but Gaetano was our favorite. He was so enthousiastic about his work end we loved to see that Geatano Had Such a Great Passion For In His Work. A lot of other Dj’s are there only for the money and were not that professional and organised as Gaetano. He was always available and responded quickly when we had questions. When we had problems to get things done with the SIAE and he jumped in immediately. We loved the way that he worked with a contract and was really organised. We had a fantastic evening with the perfect music during the aperitivo, dinner and afterwords the party. He knew exactly what we wanted. We can highly recommend him.
Dutch couple that live in Florence

From Nynke Boersma
Location: Abitazione Privata

Wedding: Dutch

A great person, very helpful for everything. Accurate and reliable, made us spend An Unforgettable Evening. Thanks Gaetano… You’re a phenomenon! Happy to have chosen you! Sere and Matte.

From Serena Lalia
Location: Ristorante Il Battibecco

Wedding: Italian

Gaetano is The Perfection!
Thank you so much for your accuracy, availability, education, Professionalism. It was a real pleasure to meet him, and we immediately appreciated the beautiful person that he is and his passion for this job! Precise and attentive to all details! Everything was perfect, he was able to perfectly match our requests with those of our friends. Not to mention the supply of lighting, which made the location so wonderfully perfect and romantic! Thanks Gaetano! You are the best and you are a really nice person!

From Alessia S.
Location: La Spinetta

Wedding: Italian

In case you have doubts read all these rave reviews, well, it’s all true! Gaetano is Very Great, Discreet, Very Professional. He devotes much time and care to prepare logistics and musical aspect, and the results are obvious.
He made dance everyone until late at night (or early morning?) And has very well understood our tastes.
Spouses and guests, Italian and International, we all had a great time and happyness.
Thanks Gaetano!

From Vvvv
Location: Fattoria Montecchio

Wedding: Italian / American

We chose Gaetano for our Wedding and despite are past years, we will never forget that day! Big Professional, very patient, very flexible and attentive to the smallest details, has done an amazing job! He entertained everyone, there was nobody sitting at the tables, all of which went crazy! It was a wonderful day both for us Spouses as well as for all the guests, would recommend it 100%. Mythical!

From Martina Grassi
Location: Private Residence

Wedding: Italian

Our Wedding could not be better than it was! Gaetano Was Fantastic, The Dance Floor Was Filled And Was Never Emptied… a person full of passion, and feels! I recommend him with pleasure!

From Filippo Pelacchi
Location: Podere La Casuccia

Wedding: American / German / Italian

What to say, Gaetano  Is A True Professional As Well As A Very Good Person! We have been convinced in to turn to him thanks to the innumerable good comments and already from the first time that we have spoken on the phone it was clear that it had a true passion for his job. Could be said that the Weddings are its daily bread, it perfectly knows the demands of the bridegrooms and all the phases that follow during the day. In our case has performed the music program of the day in sublime way and being in full to our requests, also during the dance (the fundamental part of the party) has known how to put music and perfectly and varying music making to amuse everybody! Many pretend to be Dj or pass themselves off as Dj, but it is not this case, you will have in front of a real Professional in every respect. The price is more honest, both for its competence, and for its ability to put to them ease the guests and also for the massive structure of equipment that uses (different Dj music station, speakers not to end, fog machine and led lights of every type), all brand new and of good quality! We recommend Gaetano?
Certainly, Yes! Won’t remain I disappointed!
Alan & Francesca

From Alan Silvestri
Location: Villa Margherita

Wedding: Italian

We got married about three years ago but still remember very well every moment of our best day. We contacted Gaetano and with him we have found Flexibility And Availability From The First Meeting! He puts us at ease immediately proposing various situations and genres according to our needs and to our tastes and was willing to help in all situations! We highly recommend it!

From Gaia Bruno
Location: Abitazione Privata

Wedding: Italian

We found Gaetano on this site reading the various reviews and what to say, hit us right from the first appointment. A True Professional, Attentive To Every Detail, immediately put us at ease with his sympathy and together we began to think about the event. He was attentive to following our tastes and our requests and the result was above the expectations of the aperitif at dances after dinner it was all perfect!
Thanks again, Alessandro & Joelle!

From Alessandro Romiti
Location: Agriturismo Poggio Tondo

Wedding: Italian

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